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I work with directors, producers, big brands and agencies, generating engaging content and spellbinding stories. I've had my work published in national magazines and newspapers, and broadcast on mainstream TV.


In a previous career I worked as a freelance factual producer, but for the last five years I've been writing for TV. In addition to my TV projects I am currently working on my first novel. 





I'm a stone's throw from London.  





I’ve worked in the courts in Kenya and Ghana, where I saw money change hands between people it shouldn’t, and chickens relieve themselves on judges’ desks. I’ve attended Security Council meetings in the UN in New York, filmed in the Moroccan desert, and sung Tippet in Jerusalem Cathedral.


After I graduated, I set up a successful PR company. For ten years I was one of four founding trustees of an education project that touched the lives of thousands of children in rural Kenya.

Rachel Paterson  




Repped by  Jago Irwin

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