Rachel Paterson  

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Repped by  Jago Irwin

@ Independent Talent


When a father-daughter crime partnership breaks down, fiesty Annie Black recruits a rabble of women and transforms them into an all female family of thieves, attempting to beat her gang-boss dad to the most lucrative diamond heist in London.


TV Drama

6 x 60’ - set in the 1920s - based on a true story

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Unhinged psychotherapist Hannah Malone unravels the secrets of her patient's tormented mind, battling a conviction-hungry DCI, a backward NHS and a broken prison system. As she uncovers the truth about her patient's past, her state of mind deteriortaes and she suffers auditory and visual hallucinations, so the audience is forced to piece together their own version of events.  

3 x 60' 


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In a London savaged by immigration and the collapse of the EU, QC Lynne Walker is charged with implementing capital punishment, battling gangs and political corruption as she ‘processes’ the first five criminals.

5 x 60' - co-writer with Oliver Goodrum


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Short Film

Small Crimes

When a family travelling in China discover they have mistakenly accused their tour guide of theft, they must decide whether to risk their own safety to secure his freedom.


Adapted from a short story by Matthew Kneale.


22' - Producer Tiernan Hanby (The Karman Line, Sign Language)

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Red Shoes

On her 13th birthday, a young girl previously forbidden to leave her home disappears.  Distracted witnesses describe their sightings of her, creating a broken narrative of her journey out of innocence towards into a dangerous adult world.

15' - script available


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The Martyr's Dawn

As a search party combs the shore, a distraught mother waits in hope, staking her conscience and her faith in order to have her son, swept out to sea, returned to her.


4' - script available




4' - script available


The mother of an autistic boy discovers his passion for the stars in a makeshift observatory.


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Here's a selection of my favourite projects...


The ultimate snake oil salesman - a self-styled Guru - runs a shambolic retreat, in which he offers his residents a new-fangled therapy every week, taking their money in exchange for empty promises of hope and fulfillment. The weekly ‘treatments’ end in humiliation for the Guru - the irony being that his residents always end up fulfilled, and he never makes any money.  

8 x 42’ Comedy Drama - Story of the Week