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By Rachel Paterson, Nov 15 2016 01:49PM

I was SO excited to find out last week that I made it onto the Casualty Shadow Scheme, starting in January 2017.

In October eight writers did a week's residential in Cardiff, where we heard from John Yorke, Mark Catley and Matt Berry, as well as the show's producers. After we'd all gone home, four writers were chosen to complete a shadow script, prior to a guaranteed* commission in 2017 (we were reminded that the G word comes with a caveat, which can be paraphrased to "as long as you don't mess it up". The language on the paperwork was more politic - something to do with "best interests").

In hindsight, it's very difficult to see how they chose... the other writers all gave brilliant pitches. There were some jokes about it being like The Apprentice... It certainly was hard work, but the other writers were a complete pleasure to be around, and the producers were a lot friendlier than Alan Sugar and his hard-nosed minions. It was even, dare I say, quite fun. Despite the workload and the pace, I felt reasonably on top of things... apart from spending the first two days wondering who Ed Pol was.

As my agent reminded me during the phone call - in which I was probably quite incoherent with euphoria - the real work starts here. So there's no time for resting on the laurels, or writing long and rambling blog posts...

By Rachel Paterson, Oct 27 2015 12:46PM

In September I was lucky enough to be selected for Skillset Funded LSF Talent Campus. We’re now half way through, so I thought I’d share the highlights so far…

The Talent Campus kicked off with Kate Leys and John Yorke (love his book, btw), who helped us interrogate our projects to work out whether they’re worth the paper they’re written on. Harsh, but really the kindest thing to do. When we knew we were onto a goodie, we were sent off into our first writing period…

The midpoint (if you please) was the Screenwriters’ Festival, where we were treated like royalty. We had exclusive sessions with Jaws writer Carl Gottlieb and creative powerhouse Chris McQuarrie. Did I manage to keep my cool? I was like a little girl at Christmas. You can see me grinning like a fool here

We are now into our second writing period, and I’m very excited to be mentored by Ch4’s own Philip Shelley, with support and advice from the indomitable Chris Jones and script editor extraordinaire Karol Griffiths - love her book too.

And now I’m writing my size 7 socks off. And I'm really, really grateful and delighted to have this opportunity.

By guest, Oct 18 2013 01:25PM

While working with Linda Aronson earlier this year, I came accross a story about a woman named Alice (or Annie) Diamond, dynamite leader of the formidable, all-female Forty Elephants gang, based in Elephant and Castle. She was an exraordinary woman - as was her right hand girl Maggie Hughes (pictured).

I've had enormous fun working their story up into a treatment and am currently beating out a first draft of the script. I'm ablaze with this idea, its huge fun and a joy to write. Plus I'm enjoying the amazing response this project is getting and looking forward to sending it out when it's done.

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